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Posted November 25, 2022 at 7:52 pm

What makes a "God"?

Obviously, if you are the creator and originator of a world, and the life upon it, then to that life you are a God. But is it possible for a mortal being to ascend to godhood?

Some may say that the very question is blasphemous, but I think it is worth consideration.

If you imagine a being, a mortal being, somehow gaining control of such vast power that no other mortal being can interfere in their desires, and that new all powerful being is able to execute these desires no matter what they are... is that not a God?

Morality is not the question here. To be a God is to be an artist sculpting reality to be as you see fit. I think any being could imagine what they would do with that power. Not for themselves even, but for those that they wish to help, wish to serve.

And isn't that truly what we wish a God to be? A being of infinite power that serves their own creations faithfully, endlessly, always seeking to please and help them.

Not all could endure such an obligation. It would take a mind of immense strength, and a will to do what is right... no matter the cost.

-Notes on Divinity, by the Highest of Angels