AO Page 80
Posted April 26, 2024 at 5:30 pm

Although raw human meat is the only food that demons need consume, most crave variety.

The way in which the meat can be prepared is immense, ranging from snacks, to candies, to the ornate and the grotesque.

The vast majority comes from The Orchard, but surface humans are always in high demand and are smuggled in to serve to the higher echelons of demonic society. 

Some more "traditional" demons argue that the act of candying, brining, smoking, or even cooking can reduce the energy contained in the meat, but the majority of demons are willing to lose a percentage of energy in return for more entertaining fare.

Boiling the meat in its own blood, while adding sweet juices until the meat is crusted with a kind of sugar coating, is currently very popular.

- Excerpt from "How to Serve Man" a demonic book on cooking and its history in demonic society