AO Page 76
Posted April 12, 2024 at 12:13 pm

I've been taking the lil baby demon with me to work! They are growing so fast, but I can still fit them into my robe so they can look out. I feel bad for the other little babies, but I think the Overseer might suspect something already.

TECHNICALLY it's not against the rules to take the spawn, I think. Nobody has claimed them yet right??

But then again, technically it's not against the rules for the Overseer to execute me, so I will try not to push things.

Jahi and Scrambles are both being really sweet to the baby, but they are also busy with their new jobs. I keep showing the baby all the cool things to see in the city, but we spend a lot of time inside.

I wish I could take them to the Human world... I think we could have a lot of fun up there! C:

-Cezar's messy journal, accompanied by a pretty decent drawing of the demon spawn