AO Page 70
Posted March 22, 2024 at 5:22 pm

Mr. Walker has... slightly improved my opinion of him over the last few weeks.

For one, he has been quite ingenious in setting up a magica powered water diffusion device that can also transmute the water into a fairly tasty alcoholic beverage.

We of COURSE have been enjoying this drink in moderation. 

I had been out of practice using my magic offensively, and that is no longer the case. I have in turn helped him understand that large shows of force are not necessary, only precision, as it takes very little pressure to puncture eyeballs. 

After a few demonstrations of such a technique the local fauna has decided to leave us be, allowing for us to gather enough resources to actually make a shelter that protects us from the somewhat unpredictable elements.

This land is gorgeous, and I have little to do each day but appreciate it. One day it will be settled, and that is for the best, but for right now... I am appreciating all that it can offer.

-Journal entry of the Wizard Dietician Claudia Blacktower