AO Page 63
Posted February 26, 2024 at 1:02 pm

"So when most adventurers would struggle with a SINGLE demon, you took down THREE all on your own?"

"Yeah. Well, I had Nina and Beckett with me but I forgot to ask for help."

"Wow!! That's amazing! Think of all the people you saved!"

"Oh yeah, a lot probably."

"Incredible. Your parents and friends must be so proud!"

"... I don't see my parents much anymore. I visited a year or so ago and I think I scared them. It's okay. KidsĀ 

don't talk to their parents after leaving home anyways."

"Ha ha! Well I'm sure that's true for famous and powerful demon slayers like yourself! You should be very proud!"

"...People do keep telling me that."

-An Interview for "Continent Press" magazine with the Demon Slayer Gerda