AO page 61
Posted February 19, 2024 at 1:45 pm

It seems that the "Wizard Dietician" Johnny Walker DID indeed have correct information about the New Land. We have already recorded over a dozen flora and fauna that have long been extinct on the Main Continent. This is, annoyingly, very good news. The battle for magical cooking supremecy has had to be delayed though, since the New Land has more than simply new things to eat.

It has immensely powerful monsters. Likely because the magica density is so much higher here. Our Airship was destroyed shortly after landing, and we have sent out a distress call. Two of our guards were taken by SOMETHING massive, even though they were equipped with Demon forged weapons and had incredibly potent abilities.

It is possible that cooking succulent meals may have attracted the attention of all beasts in quite a large radius, so we have stopped and are subsisting on fruits and vegetables alone. 

If I perish here I would like to note that even if Mr. Walker has proven himself to be halfway decent at surviving, I do still find him immensely irritating and I will make sure he dies before I do.

-A hastily scribbled note by the Wizard Dietician Claudia Blacktower