AO Page 41
Posted December 11, 2023 at 3:18 pm

I am having mixed success at tapping into the vast VAST energies I can now sense.

I was able to very quickly imbue the discarded arm with more of myself. That was basically effortless but limited. I feel I can no longer grow that part back.

I have been able to enhance some imps to their (and my) delight.

The greatest of my research has resulted in the "Demon Master fruits". They are glorious, and my first attempt with them was a massive success. They have become the fulcrum of my plans.

However, the vast destructive, and creative, power that I KNOW is locked within the arm still seems beyond me. Am I limited to enhancing and changing what already exists? I know the "Snow Queen" can do much more...

Still, I can proceed forward. Only a poor craftsman blames their tools. Haha.

-Scribbled notes discarded amongst trash in the workroom of the Demon Master Bael