AO Page 4
Posted August 4, 2023 at 1:08 pm

Well, it could have been a lot worse, I guess? Nobody really seemed to know what to do with us when we returned to the Demonic Planes. Masters enforce their own justice and our Master was... turned to flower petals or something... so we just found an empty apartment in The Low zone and that was that. Obviously our old complex, and everything else around it, turned into gray sludge when the Head Master died. People WERE pissed about that, but it's not like they won't get scooped up by new Masters soon anyway.

We still have some favors owed us, and ate a LOT on the surface so we will be good for a bit yet. 

I'm really enjoying this, to be honest. Just hanging out with Jahi and Scrambles... it's nice.


-Private and Secret Journal of the Demon Cezar