AO PAge 29
Posted October 30, 2023 at 12:19 pm

Well it's pretty boring but I guess that's okay. I stir the pools, I throw in a few mushrooms, I stir the pools. I guess the spawn have to be agitated in order to really get riled up? It's kind of sad. I think they are cute... but these early ones aren't "worth anything" until they've proven that they have the ability to kill and grow strong.

The demons that work down here don't talk much, but you know that. Personally I think a lot of them are at their lowest. Not me though! After work I get to go home and hang out with my best friend and Jahhiiiiii my girlfriiiiennddddd! Yeahhh I hope things go better this time. She's so cool.

You know I used to be a LOT stronger. But it came with all kinds of downsides. It was really really not fun. I didn't really like that version of myself...

Howabout you? Are you- oh okay bye! See you later! Same pool tomorrow? No? Yes?

-Overheard by an imp at the Spawn pools