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Posted July 28, 2023 at 4:34 pm

We've been busy busy busy BUT I got to learn a new skill! That's not fighting related!!

HOW TO COOK! Well, I knew how to cook before, but it was more like, making things that I could eat and not throw up eating.

But now I can COOK COOK. Everyone eats seconds! Well, except for Gerda, but she's mostly robot or something now? Probably a lot less hungry.

ANYWAY I'm really into stews at the moment! I want to make a never ending pot of stew but Beckett says that will give us all food poisoning but I think its worth the risk.

I guess I never thought about how much there is to learn about, outside of how to kill demons. 

Kinda cool?

Boy am I talented!

-Hastily scribbled Journal entry by "Monster Slayer" Nina, accompanied by scraps of recipes torn from cookbooks