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Posted October 31, 2022 at 6:50 pm

Recently salvaged recipes from the "Old World"
-Lucky Charms (has no measurable luck increasing properties)
-Lasagna (a favorite food of cats!)
-Kale Chips (Sadly not quite as much of a hit as "potato chips"...)
-Balut (Crunchy!)
-Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs (A treat rumored to have been enjoyed by the gods)
-Beans on Toast (It's fine.)
-Vegemite (Do NOT eat by the spoonful)
-Tom yum goong (Thank you inland shrimp farms!)
-Peanut Butter (You CAN eat by the spoonful)

More coming as we look through old records! Stay tuned!
-Writings by the Wizard Dietician Johnny Walker