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Posted October 13, 2022 at 4:06 pm

~Act of Devil insurance~

Living on The Fringe, and feeling uneasy? Located "safely" on The Edge, but still staying up at night worrying? 

Get yourself covered with Act of Devil insurance! Monsters? Magic? Ancient Constructs? Even DEMONS? Not a problem! With Act of Devil insurance you are COMPLETELY INSURED against ALL DAMAGE!

Our highly trained employees will be able to identify the exact type of damage inflicted, and compensate what is lost FULLY. We even have adventuring parties on hand to clear out any lingering entities that may have taken up residence!

Call, write, or magically inquire, today!

[Act of Devil insurance is void if damage is incurred by summoning monsters/demons/constructs, or through unregistered use of magica by occupants of dwelling. Does not cover against flood or fire. Not capable of retrieving occupants that have been removed from the premises. Void if god returns.]