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Posted June 30, 2023 at 5:49 pm

fascinating look into the past. But increasingly I am troubled by HOW fascinating I find them. I recognize that I live in a world of true magic, and yes even adventure, but again and again I return to these small artificial worlds and find myself losing days and even weeks of time.

My theory is that it all boils down to the perfect mix of "controlled chaos". Chaos is exciting and interesting, but often it presents us problems that we simply cannot overcome. When, in real life, we find cannot overcome difficulties immediately we become discouraged and may lose all motivation. 

But in a video game we understand implicitly that these challenges CAN be conquered! Perhaps not easily, but the solution is ALWAYS attainable.

That mixture is so addictive that even being aware of it does not discourage that desire to invest endless hours.

I must think more on this. And perhaps play a bit more of the new games I have uncovered...

-Notations on culture, by (H)istorian Costanza Godhand