Page 323
Posted June 29, 2023 at 6:02 pm

The court Jester has fled from the city after robbing a small fortune in jewelry, taking with him two lower ranking guards.

A search has been set out but no trace of them can be found.

Luckily a wandering, but incredibly skilled, jester was found in a nearby town. He is a delight, and seems to be capable of bodily contortions beyond belief!

More people seem to be leaving the City under the cover of darkness, perhaps due to the unpopular increase in tariffs. They usually only leave a note, and their houses are meticulously put in order in the morning.

Strangely nobody has actually *seen* them leave, but comings and goings are still unrestricted.

The King and Queen have become quite frustrated at this, but no new laws are forthcoming.

-Log of current events from the City of Glass