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Posted June 22, 2023 at 5:35 pm

The Demonic Masters, and their Proclivities;

The Head Master; A "teacher" and "creator". The most powerful Master, although not the strongest in battle. A collector of esoteric knowledge. Has created and discarded weapons any other Master would have coveted. Also mostly just shaped like a big head. Pun may or may not be intended.

Vapula; A warrior without peer. Totally dedicated to battle and slaughter. The true demonic body is crammed inside a semi-living construct body. Uses magica light constructs in battle to both confuse and kill. Also uses them to create a little head for themselves. 

Sangui; Somehow has warped their body to be an endlessly shifting blood mixture. Constrains this form to that of a feminine one mostly, but can expand or contract instantly and dangerously. Sees herself as very "funny" and "kind", but is chaotic and difficult to serve. Enjoys indolence and is perhaps the laziest master.

Buzhum; Unsure if they are a hive mind or not, but they speak in plural. Absolutely dedicated to research, although not necessary the application of that research. Their laboratories conduct horrific and wonderful experiments, indiscriminately. If they had the mind to apply all they know, they would be far more deadly. However the pursuit of knowledge seems to be their primary motivation.

Bael; The weakest Demon Master, but very very clever. For some reason is fascinated by Imps. Has the largest spy network both in the Demonic Realms and the human world. I cannot tell if they have some grand plan they are moving towards, or if they just love spying on people. Very possible they know all I say and do. Unsettling behavior.

Jern; An egotistical narcissist, even in the context of the other Masters. Has shaped himself to be made entirely of human hands, which he believes is the "most beautiful form". He discards any of his imperfections into a "vessel", a living extension of himself that seems to exist only to suffer. The most ruthless Master. He would see the whole world burn if the light would make him look good.

Dzu; Self. No explanation needed. Tired.