Page 259
Posted April 20, 2023 at 6:00 pm

It seems there was a little discontentment among a few Masterless demons. There was a plot to destroy one of the demon Armories and then "escape" to the surface using a stolen key. 

Obviously we are all very disappointed, not only in the ingrates who conspired, but also with the laxness of demons that should have helped see through this and root it out. 

Because of this any demon that has come into contact with the perpetrators owes an additional favor to the Master they serve. This will be a heavy favor. 

Only through all demons working together do we become more powerful. 

The demons that brought us information on these events will in turn receive a heavy favor from each Master. A large gift, we know, but it is deserved, and earned.

Also movie night is cancelled today. Use that time to visit the remains of the punished demons in the Pit, if you so desire.

-A broadcast to the Demonic Realms from the Demon Master Buzhum