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Posted April 17, 2023 at 6:13 pm

The Orchard. The Orchard. The Orchard. We made it, and we feed it, but... oh has such an evil thing ever existed before or since? And yet the good it has done! Incalculable!

I read a work once, by a pre-(H)istory writer. Le Guin, I believe was her name. She wrote a story about a city, a perfect city, that only needed a single sacrifice to sustain it. 

And yet people walked away. They walked away, knowing the horror of such a thing. I am supposed to be better, a thousand times better, than any mortal. Yet I do not walk away.

I DO NOT WALK AWAY! Should I simply... become what I am? Finally fully retreat into myself? Oh Hannah the relief that would provide.

But then I would be truly lost. If that day does come, let me feed myself to the Orchard first.

-Hidden writings of the Demon Master Dzu