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Posted April 16, 2023 at 6:12 pm

Teleportation, an advanced concept, simplified.

The ability to teleport small objects to a randomized location is a skill many young magica users find themselves capable of. This is of limited use, as even teleporting garbage away is a finable offense, as it does end up in the near vicinity.

The ability to teleport larger objects, people, and even oneself is of middling difficulty, however to do safely requires IMMENSE skill. 

Although the object of teleportation will not entirely fuse with an object that occupies the same location, it can find itself encased within it. Conversely the recipient of teleportation may find themselves miles above the ground, or under the sea.

An advanced teleportation user can "feel" ahead, and will be able to roughly understand where they are going, and can even use this to scry before leaping.

There have been a few truly advanced practitioners that describe the ability to "leave this plane behind, and observe from above as if it was two-dimensional". They were able to move freely, although the further the location was from the starting point the greater the strain.

Some magical beasts, monsters, and demons seem to understand how to teleport with innate confidence, and the ability to do so makes them EXTREMELY dangerous.

-An Intermediate guide to Magic and its practical uses