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Posted April 13, 2023 at 6:26 pm

I am often asked "But why attempt to go out into the Aether, oh great and wise one? Do we not have enough problems to deal with down here on this humble mud ball?" And to this I simply want to shake and spit and claw at the person's face, as is only reasonable. But I also offer this question in return.

"Imagine you are locked in a room. It is a fairly large room, and there are quite a few other people in it with you. There is food, water, and entertainment. You can live the rest of your days in this room, comfortably or uncomfortably as your situation dictates. There is a door leading out, but it is locked. A few tiny pinholes allow you to see that there is a vast and winding interior of an unknown building right on the other side of that door. Do you jiggle the lock, and then give up? Do you sit down and stare at the ceiling, grateful to have a roof over your head?"

I personally would rather burn the door down, and the room with it, if it gave me a chance to ESCAPE and EXPLORE. But I do understand that many people, alas, are COWARDS.

-Personal writings of the "Space Wizard" Nasarcanus