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Posted April 12, 2023 at 6:12 pm

NEW from Continental Food Production Co.

Love MEACHES? Get ready for the NEWEST in FOOD ENJOYMENT! Lovable, squishable, EDIBLE----


A fun and charming mini pet for you or your loved ones to enjoy that is ALSO delicious!! 

Chewmies come in a variety of fun flavors and colors, and each one will only be available for a limited time before being retired, so don't miss out on the first RARE and COLLECTIBLE set!

Look out for Star Bird Chewmie, Pink Candy Chewmie, Rose Bear Chewmie, and the super exclusive Princess Warrior Chewmie!

They can understand simple commands! They have juicy sweet centers!

Available wherever high quality and discerning foods are sold. Please contact us if your store does not stock them for any reason.

-Chewmies live for max 30 days and are unsafe to consume after this point. If your Chewmie becomes aggressive contact us and we will replace it immediately. Do not use magica enhancing abilities on Chewmies.