Page 221
Posted March 12, 2023 at 6:23 pm

I sometimes wish I did not have to endlessly grasp for power. There is of course, no other way. If you show any weakness then you will be cut down. I wish to ponder on the beauty of the world, on the few perfect things. To write poetry that will outlast the longest lived demon, to truly understand why and how we exist as we are. 

And yet day after day I am forced to grind down the demons that do not obey me perfectly. To set plans in motion that undercut the other Masters. To scheme and plot and connive. It is an exhausting burden. I see the lower demons skulk about in filth and mediocrity and would almost envy them if I did not despise them so much.

Why can others not simply recognize and respect perfection, idolize it, and elevate it?

To be deified and then left alone... ah if only such a thing were possible.

Although I will admit if I had the power of a god I would wipe this world clean and remake it to not be so thoroughly off putting.

-Writings by the Demon Master Jern