Page 219
Posted March 10, 2023 at 6:51 pm

I have noticed that what we put into our body not only effects the growth of the body, but also mood, stamina, and I believe even magica usage. All foods are suffused with various invisible elements that our body uses throughout the day, and some are obvious like calories and vitamins. However if a food is fresh it also contains living beings that in turn can help or hurt you as they take up residence in the gut. In turn these living things must also contain some amounts of magica as all living things do. Fresh and "strong" foods I think help a person retain high quality magical abilities. I wonder if this plays into how the incredible magics of demons work, in some way...

Although please do not think I am advocating for taking such a heinous path!!

-Writings by the Wizard Dietician Claudia Blacktower