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Posted December 16, 2022 at 6:33 pm

Free will in the context of our creator is a thought worth exploring. I believe that all our lives are directed and controlled by a greater power. Who we are, what we are doing, what we will do- all of this ties into a narrative that we can not fully comprehend, serving end goals that we will never see.

However I still believe in free will, of a type. You see, every being has inertia behind their actions. As they do a thing, it becomes something that they would do, and thus influences all future actions they may take.

Even though the genesis of actions for an individual is put into place by a greater power, over time WE are the ones in control of our own destiny, simply because there are less and less paths that we can be guided onto.

Even a supreme being would have to rewrite all of the cosmos to have a rock fall up instead of down, and in doing they would change all of creation.

We are that rock. The great power may choose where to let us loose, but once they have done so it is we that continue the path down, free from their hand. What we strike and how the winds effect us is a shared burden, and I am grateful for that fact.

-Musings of the Highest of Angels