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Posted November 27, 2022 at 6:05 pm

The chaos of the demonic planes are a visual blight. Not only can every demon Master indulge in any architectural arrangement they desire, individual demons are then given free reign to further augment and distort their living arrangements!

Our fashion is a constant disaster, the pre-sloth days of unified demonic forms are completely gone, and any "artistry" that demons once had has been reduced to mostly crude sexual humor and "anatomical studies". And to fully express my distaste for the cacophony we now call "music"!! DISGUSTING!!

In my planes I am able to keep things unified, thankfully, but to venture out from them is to suffer from a near constant nausea as I see the absolute lack of culture and clarity that all other Masters have allowed their realms to devolve into.

One must understand that aesthetics are NOT subjective, but that there is TRUE OBJECTIVE BEAUTY. I see this clearly, and because of this the demons under my guidance benefit daily.

Simply understand that all beauty revolves around the HAND. It is the ideal shape, form, and composition. There is no end to what beauty can be drawn out from a deeper reflection and understanding of the Hand.

God may have cast us out, but she left us with a most prized gift and symbol of love. 


-"On Aesthetics of form", a dissertation by Demon Master Jern