Page 116
Posted November 27, 2022 at 11:50 am

The legendary "Food-All" infinite food generators have long since failed, but humanity has re-vented much about what made them work so well. Although modern food synthesizers cannot replicate every texture and flavor (and some of the textures and flavors they can create are not... desirable), they are able to create a wide variety of nutritious and fairly enjoyable consumables.

By inputting "waste material" and supplying the machines with a small amount of magica, the food synthesizers can easily provide for a walled city with minimal upkeep and cost.

As well all know, restaurants and home cooked meals are still very much a thing, although for many people with busy days or the very frugal, synthesized food is often preferable.

My personal favorite synthesized food is absolutely "otoro loaf". Saltwater fish, especially tuna, is completely unavailable, so although it may not be accurate to the "real thing" I am blessed with ignorance.

The fatty, slightly chewy texture is delicious, and I love the marbling! 

-Writings by the Wizard Dietician Johnny Walker