AO Page 86
Posted May 17, 2024 at 11:23 am

The feeling in the Center City is... peaceful. I expected it to be an unpleasant and upsetting place, and although there are signs of past battles and monsters, and Gerda even slew a large demon (!!), overall it feels much more like a place that has simply gone to sleep.

The Magica density here is incredible, but also very still. Like a lake that is deep but no ripples mar the surface.

I expect there are many beasts and monsters here that are avoiding us. Gerda puts out a tremendous aura when she gets angry, and even sometimes when she is calm.

I worry about her, but perhaps I have been too preoccupied with Cynthia and the exciting work we are doing. 

They will likely never get along. I understand why. 

I'll make more time for Gerda. Maybe a beach trip would be fun?

She would probably need a custom swimsuit...

-Journal entry of Nicky the Witch