AO Page 39
Posted December 4, 2023 at 4:48 pm

The Head Master took a MASSIVE army of supercharged demons to the surface in order to save the LOVE (Rival? old Friend?) of his life from an incredibly powerful ROBOT created by the Angels to annhilate all demon kind!

They easily broke through the human and angelic army, but were stopped by the very person (Demon? Angel? Human?)  who they had been sent to rescue, who had been brainwashed by the Angels to fight against him!

Against overhwelming odds the Head Master prevailed, but were once again thwarted by the Demon Slayer GERDA and her band of demon artifact wielding allies! Gerda herself had stolen the very body parts of other demons, gruesomely adding them to her own body!

Even in spite of this the Head Master would have won, except that the demon Cezar, a demon Student entrusted by the Head Master, MASSIVELY FAILED at his ONE TASK because he LOVED HUMANS TOO MUCH! (what was the task? Something involving a mirror?).

Through treachery, foes, and FOOLISHNESS the Head Master was DEFEATED! His whole army wiped out!

Only the fool Cezar came home, Masterless, and contemptible.

-one of the dramatic rumors around the Death of the Head Master