AO Page 38
Posted December 2, 2023 at 1:30 pm

Disgustingly, the scrapings from trees in the Orchard, once a waste product, are now sold through venders to the lowest of Demons.

The lowest of Demons... even though even they are capable of immense growth and power. But we starve them of true sustenance, their energy reserves barely filling before they spend it again.

It is so EASY to be strong when all below you are kept perpetually as shadows of what they could be.

To see them all run freely under an open sky! To eat their fill and grow as strong as their bodies allow! To rend and tear with unlimited potential! To wash the lands with red rich blood!

A dream, for now.

But a dream held by enough people, will become a reality.

-Writings by the Demon Master Bael