AO Page 30
Posted November 4, 2023 at 7:18 pm

My apologizes for not writing sooner, but I managed to get a sample of pure "meach" extract and was simply too enthralled to take any time away from it.

This letter of course must be BURNED immediately after reading, as it is illegal in every Walled City to own anything meach related after those... unfortunate... incidents.

In my studies I have found that most of my test subjects (don't worry, not humans) are able to consume meach matter and enjoy it. Although I have not tested it myself, the flavor is supposed to be both savory AND peachlike and quite delicious.

However occasionally there will be some kind of internal chain reaction that turns the entirety of the test subject INTO meach matter, while still retaining the ability to move and think. This sentient meach is far more spreadable, and it seems to desire being consumed, attempting to force itself into the mouths of any subjects it comes into contact with. These in turn attempt the same, and so on. The body does decay, horrifically so, but the ability to move and the desire to be consumed remains for a very very long time.

I am reminded of some very nasty forbidden spells, although this somehow outdoes even them. The really scary part is that flies are attracted to the meach, but thankfully smaller ones cannot fly after being converted. God forbid wasps begin to snack on such material.

Anyways! I just think this is pretty neat stuff! Truly food magic, as I have said all along, is at the very top of the Magical Pyramid!

-Letter by the Wizard Dietician Claudia Blacktower to an unnamed friend