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Posted October 3, 2022 at 8:25 pm

Why are we stuck here on earth? Why do we not spread our wings and fly to the heavens! Our god is not dead, she merely resides among the clouds and the stars!

Pre-(H)istory humans achieved it, and they did so *without* our modern day blessings! To tie a magica reactor to engines, to stabilize the environment with magical and forged shielding... we can do this! It is possible!

And yet time and again any pursuit in this direction fails. Why? The knowledge is all there... is the heart of humanity simply not excited about space and what lies beyond?

Or is it something more?? 

Perhaps if we could cross the sea to the edge, where the water falls off the side we could simply fall into space... Although I do fear that the turtles maw may snap at any that get too close.

-Musings of the "Space Wizard" Nasarcanus