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Posted October 1, 2022 at 5:01 pm

My darlings, there is a vast conspiracy to undermine the inherent power of demons. Things are, frankly, too good to be believed. Stable power, stable food, stable life. What need is there to reach beyond what you have, if you have it all already?

But this is fine. I have known of this plot since it first took root. You see, chaos allows for reaching and climbing. It upsets the balance, and in that moment there is a chance to seize control.

But small amounts of chaos is easily fixed. Small amounts of chaos can be accounted for.

But only with continued ORDER can you plan for absolute, uncontrolled, unstoppable CHAOS. Chaos that you already know the path of is not simply a thing you can climb, it is INVINCIBILITY. While all others fall, you walk through it, untouched.

The Master has his plans. The angels have theirs. But true, lasting chaos... 

Only WE are ready for *that* future.

-Bael talking with her Imps