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Posted September 9, 2022 at 4:11 pm

Magica is valued, but common. Meeting a practitioner is like meeting a skilled artist, rare and maybe exciting, but ultimately not life changing.

This is WRONG. Magica, MAGIC, is the essence of reality control! I cannot help but see this. I know that I have been *made* to see this, and yet it consumes me.

If enough of it could be gathered into one space, refined, and channeled- anything could be possible. But it would have to be done *flawlessly* There can be no error, or else it will simply be a large amount of magica.

I have been brought as close to perfection as possible, and yet it is still not enough. I need help. 

He has cursed me with this task, and yet in it's fulfillment I feel that I will finally be free, and my own Master.

And then... I will repay him a thousand times over.

-Journal of the "Snow Queen"