Page 300
Posted June 6, 2023 at 5:41 pm

My memory from before I, and the others, took part in "the feast" is blurry. I think I had friends, enemies, ambitions. It does not matter, of course. I remember the great hunger. She had died, and the world had fallen into chaos. The machines all stopped working, and Horrors abounded.

When we managed against all odds to defeat and then consume that Thing... I was born anew. And just like with birth, it was horrifically painful, messy, and killed many of us.

I was so weak, back then. Pathetic. More of us died in the coming months and years. But we also kept growing stronger.

We saw that the future was ours, we needed only to reach out, and take it.

-A segment of an unfinished draft of a book, hidden deep in a subspace in a locked and warded box. Tentatively titled "Memoirs of a Genius, Savant, Leader, and Poet, as well as the Best Teacher that Demonkind has ever known, by The Head Master"