Page 285
Posted May 20, 2023 at 1:52 pm

To consume the flesh of another demon is the most unforgivable sin, and rightly so, as it brings on an insatiable appetite for only more demon flesh, which in turn leads to madness and vast uncontrollable power.

It is a doom spiral that can not be controlled.

But what of imp flesh? Well, if a demon eats it, nothing much happens. It tastes bad and contains almost no power. May as well just eat the mushrooms that grow by the spawning pools, at least they have some nutrition.

But what if an imp eats imp flesh? Do the imp minds war within the body? Or do they cohabitate?

An unpleasant experiment could be done here. I'll have to think on if it's worth the cost.

--Journal of the Demon Master Bael