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Posted March 21, 2023 at 6:05 pm

The gray and black market sale of weapons to Adventurers and Hunters has long been tolerated by the Walled Cities as well as the Council of the Edges. The Council of the Edges advises a gradual closing of these markets as the Interior Fringe is pushed back. As it stands a VERY large amount of potent and unlicensed weapons exist in the hands of some of the least stable population. There have been instances of Walled Cities being "conquered" by adventurers before, but with a new age of peace and Mundanity this kind of disruption needs to be avoided.

Round up those that sell, not those that use. Slowly close off the supply and advise heroes and adventurers to utilize more common spells, swords, and below Relic grade artifacts. Through numbers, not Heroes, we will continue to advance Humanity.

-Policy change put forth by the Council of Edges on "Adventuring Tools"