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Posted March 18, 2023 at 6:19 pm

Bloop a doop a bloo pa doo, I am made of lots of goo- splishy splashy splooshy dee I am happy to be mee. Hmm hmm hm a hmm a hee, dee da dee da dee da deee~

Oh yes! This is a reminder that if you haven't done your monthly contribution at the blood pumps time is running out! The contribution this month is increased by 20% over last month and is MANDATORY, so please don't delay!

We have some very feisty and powerful beasts and monsters so please come well rested and full of energy for a fun time~ Don't want to slip up and be all chomped on~

The top 10 contributors will get a EXTRA portion of blood! Mmm how good is that? Also I will be singing a new song, as a extra special reward.

Zagrothos, Mindkalaz, Fortono, and 70 others all fell short of their blood quota last month so they will be flayed to accompany my singing.

I hope everyone has a good time! Love!

-Public announcement to her Helots from the Demon Master Sangui