Page 210
Posted March 1, 2023 at 6:27 pm

Nobody cares about the little imps. They are weak, and dumb, and without any special powers or abilities. Why would you waste any time or resources on them? And yet I feel that they are a puzzle to be unlocked. They can be quite curious, and sweet, and mischievous. Initially I tried simply feeding a few large quantities of high quality flesh, and it did result in them growing larger and stronger, although they maintained their imp forms and were still quite weak, compared to any regular demon. They seem to be incapable of harnessing demonic energies, or any form of magica.

Still, they are without guile and are immensely loyal. And there are far far more of them than there are demons.

It has been a nice little side project to gather them up and care for them. I have some plans that they may play a part in, but if not, at least they are quite cute!

-Journal of the Demon Master Bael