Page 199
Posted February 17, 2023 at 6:49 pm

Deep inside the continent I came across a construct of immense size. Although we make "constructs" still, I understand now that what we make are just toys.

It was missing much of its body, and yet still exuded immense power. Its face was twisted in a permanent look of despair.

Although it did not seem to notice me, above it burning letters of fire flashed, as if they were the thoughts it still had. They spoke of love, and despair, and abandonment. They spoke of a God long since gone, who they desperately hoped would return.

They spoke of forgiveness, but I do not know if they were asking or granting it.

All around it the land was ruined, as if by great scorching beams.

I left quickly, my heart strangely filled with sorrow.

-Journal of Monet Runeblade, Adventurer