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Posted February 10, 2023 at 9:52 am

The Orchard provides immense bounty, but it is a cursed place. The trees groan and shift and emit a vast aura of hunger and pain. They can never be satisfied or placated. If a demon falls into one of the maws then the tree must be shut down and purged, and the cries of the demon will be heard for days.

Out of all the horrors in the demonic planes, I think the Orchard represents the greatest of them. And yet the most necessary. We have searched for alternatives, as we know the source of this "gift", but at this point there is no separating our society from the Orchard.

We will never eat this fruit, but we do feed it to our followers. In the end, it is a solution to an endless problem, and we must take it.

-Documented thoughts of the Demon Master Buzhum