Page 185
Posted February 3, 2023 at 6:53 pm

As I have moved closer to the center of the continent I find myself battling more and more often. The edges truly are tamed compared to what I experience now. Many of the beasts and creatures I find are happy to avoid me, and I suspect that there are beings that I do not even notice before they slink back into burrows and shadows.

The ones I do fight seem to be interested in the gear I carry. Do they understand relics and artifacts? How intelligent are the so called "beasts" of the interior?

There are rumors and tales that some pre-fall people changed themselves to be unrecognizable as humans. Are some of these beings the descendants?

I wonder if our mutual danger to each other precludes communication, but I do not know how to overcome that barrier. I will simply do what I know, and fight.

-Journal of Monet Runeblade, Adventurer