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Posted January 19, 2023 at 6:14 pm

NEW from Continental Toy Production Co.

Squeeze Me, Feed Me, Baby Boo Doll! 

Does your child have a doll they love and cherish? Well THROW IT IN THE TRASH, because the NEW Baby Boo Doll outclasses it in EVERY SINGLE WAY.

Made with TOP OF THE LINE technology and magica, the Baby Boo Doll has the ability to ingest food, understand simple words, and form "real" emotional attachments!

Cutting edge construct technology allow the Baby Boo Doll to truly play with your child! Walk away for hours and come back to find them still happily entertained!

Available anywhere fine quality toys are sold. If it isn't available you should shop elsewhere.

[Baby Boo dolls have a lifetime of 8 months. Enroll in the Baby Boo core subscription plan so the facsimile of life never fades]