Page 167
Posted January 16, 2023 at 6:37 pm

I am badly damaged. I have not stopped running since I escaped, and again and again I have been accosted and somehow managed to elude my pursuers. It is a nightmare I cannot wake up from. How am I still free?

A small monster helped me in my last battle, but was badly damaged in the fight. I should leave it. Caring for it, healing it, will cost me time, and it no longer has any usefulness.

For some reason I still carry it with me. I cradle it to me, although my body is cold, hoping it will take solace. 

Maybe it will rip my throat out while I sleep.

Maybe it will die from its wounds.

... Maybe it will be my friend.

-A faded paper written on with some kind of dark fluid, folded into the journal of "The Snow Queen"