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Posted December 30, 2022 at 6:20 pm

The life of an adventurer is one of obsession. Sure, you can rationalize all the reasons that you're out slaying monsters. You're making the roads safer, it can be exciting, there's occasionally fabulous loot, people are appreciative. But the truth is that most days you earn nothing, you put yourself into highly dangerous situations, and realistically a walled city's militia is far more efficient at monster cleanup.

But that's why the obsession is so important. There's a calling, a deep desire to go out and use these abilities you have, to become better at it, to take on harder and harder challenges. You have your own heroes, people you look up to, and you think "If I could just be as good as them! Then I'll be happy!" But even when you reach that level, you see how much further you could climb, and the hunger, the obsession, returns.

And then maybe, one day, you burn out. Or a physical injury stops you. And then it's all over, and you can't even really remember why you were so invested. But that's okay, because by then a new wave of heroes has risen, and the cycle continues.

Or maybe you become a legend, and you stand at the very top, and you finally feel like you've accomplished something. 

Not that I actually know anyone like that, haha....

-Advice from the Adventurer Beckett