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Posted December 25, 2022 at 6:48 pm

Our greatest weaponized magica is truly fearsome. A magica fueled cannon on a titan airship can blow a hole in even the strongest walled city. A magica reactor overcharged and detonated inside a walled city could take out a large chunk of it. The forbidden magics can do immense damage, and many wizards all linked together can channel magic into any number of destructive magics.

And yet... when I look at the descriptions and videos of weapons from pre-(H)istory... I wonder if what we play with now are just toys. Designed to placate people that must fight, even if it leads to their total annihilation.

Should I feel anger at having such technology taken from us? Or grateful?

-Notes from public Researcher of Magica, Eddie "Sparkler" Flametongue