Page 131
Posted December 11, 2022 at 6:01 pm

It is interesting to reflect upon the fact that the most crucial members of demon society, those that tend to the spawning pools, to the Orchards, to the waste removal, are the least respected and most poorly favored. Oh yes of course the arguments about WHY this is the case are easy to make. "It takes very little time to train a replacement." "These positions offer no forms of advancement to greater power." "Nobody desires these jobs, they only do them out of necessity.". And yet, if these poorly thought of and lowly demons ever desired to HURT demon society in some way, they could do so  more easily than the greatest of Demon Knights. To poison the pools, to burn the trees, to shatter the outlets... all these things would require immense energy to fix and if done with great enough zeal could possibly never be undone.

And still... year after year... decade after decade... these fundamental parts of our society continue to work almost flawlessly. Given no favor, no respect, and no path to advancement the demons who could harm all choose daily to continue their toil.

Is this selflessness? Desperation? Does it spring from a rare form of demonic empathy? Or are they simple unable to consider taking action against a world that treats them so poorly?

I think on this often. I feel there are great truths buried here.

-log of current events by Demon Master Dzu