AO Page 73
Posted April 1, 2024 at 4:25 pm

I think often on the Golden Age. A time when God walked among humanity, blessed them, fed them, and loved them.

But we have records from that time that not all people were happy. The Fall occured BECAUSE She was rejected.

Is it possible for humanity to be content? If they were given everything they desired, would their children's children be at peace?

Is it their nature to struggle? Or is that what they tell themselves because there always IS a struggle?

Perhaps even in the Golden Age there was something against which the spirit rebelled?

We always say "if this thing happens" or "if this thing does not happen" "Then I will be happy forever." But forever is too long for that promise.

But that is unfair. Forever is too long for any promise.

-Written musings by the Demon Master Dzu