AO Page 62
Posted February 23, 2024 at 10:47 am

The Age of Sloth

Although many demons like to grumble about it, overall this is a time of relaxation and plenty for demonkind.

We do have to train in the use of magic and weaponry, and if any Demon Master wants anything of us we must immediately obey, but truthfully there is just not that much that needs doing.

A kind of restless yet contented energy boils constantly, as demons fight, eat, drink, and are merry.

I personally would not mind if this lasts for another few hundred years. Or, perhaps, forever?

Would that be so bad? To climb the ladder of power, to amass favors, and to spend time with the ones we care most about?

As long as the Orchard supplies us with food, I think there can be peace.

-Writings by the demon Philosopher Fizzlestatros (widely derided as a fool)