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Posted February 16, 2024 at 11:00 am

New from SHIRA skyline SUPER CRUISER Ltd. Offerings;

The SHIRA Walled City Super Cruiser! Enjoy the safety and security of a walled city, with the ADDED safety and security of being IN THE SKY.

Capable of housing over 750 people in comfort and style, it is capable of sustaining plant and vegetable growth in large enclosed greenhouses, waste management through one way portal technology, and even comes with defensive constructs and magica cannons!

Water cysterns and food storage can allow for up to three months of flight WITHOUT landing to resupply! (dependent on quality of reagents fed to Magica Reactors)

Apply today for your very own CASTLE IN THE SKY!

[Ownership is dependent on obeying the laws of SHIRA. Ownership can be revoked at any time. Cost is non negotiable. If you do not know if you can afford it you cannot afford it.]

-SHIRA skyline SUPER CRUISER Ltd. Offerings