AO Page 51
Posted January 15, 2024 at 4:51 pm

The potential that Cynthia is working with these days is INCREDIBLE! Kay and I both work day and night to help, and it is starting to look like we can achieve a feedback loop of using the power to open more capabilities, which in turn open even more, and so on!

She is looking at giving us a link to it, for use in emergencies. Her body is hardened and was clearly designed by "The Master" to let her act as a conduit- but perhaps we could channel it for a moment? 

It seems like the easiest use is destruction, but CREATION is where it most amazes me. 

My sister is so good, and I love her so much. She can handle it. If anyone can, she can.

She's had some judgement lapses in the past, but she's not like that anymore. I keep telling Gerda that, but I don't think she can let the past go, at least not yet.

-writings in the Journal of the witch Nicky