AO Page 35
Posted November 20, 2023 at 4:00 pm

Nothing new to report on Demonic activity at the Pools, other than one of the new worker Demons is a real pain.

The Demon "Cezar", who from all I have gathered is a true waste of demon flesh, is not only lazy, unmotivated, but I feel that he may be the stupidest demon I have ever had the misfortune of overseeing.

He will stop stirring and feeding the pools if I am not constantly motivating him, and will instead simply watch the spawn for hours at a time. 

So far he has not caused any damage or disruption, but I am lodging a complaint because of the headaches he has caused me.

I ask again why we do not simply automate this brain dead task. If it is all just busywork then I find myself grappling with my own reasons for spending precious time down here overseeing the dregs of demon society.

Respectfully yours,

Demon Overseer Malkovitch

-An unread letter to the Council of Masters